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Firearms are a category of ranged weapons which are best used for urgent clearing of an area or as a last resort, as they cause a lot of noise, attracting a lot of zombies.

List of items


HandGun.png RifleVarmint.png RifleHunting.png Shotgun2.png Shotgun.png


40calAmmoBox.png Box of 9mm Bullets ShotgunAmmo.png Box of Shotgun Shells RifleAmmo223loose.png Box of .223 Bullets RifleAmmo308loose.png Box of .308 Bullets

Weapon Parts

AmmoStrap.png ShotgunChoke.png ShotgunChoke.png RifleFibreglassStock.png ScopeIronSight.png HandgunLaser.png RifleRecoilPad.png RedDot.png
GunSling.png Scope2x.png Scope4x.png Scope8x.png BerettaClip.png


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