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Project Zomboid


Project Zomboid is a zombie survival RPG for Windows, Mac and Linux. The game is currently in alpha, and is being developed by The Indie Stone, which consists of Will PorterBatsphinx, Andy HodgettsCaptainBinky, Marina Siu-Chongmashpotassium, Chris Simpsonlemmy101, Romain Dronrj_pz, Tim Baker, Paul Ringringod123, Kees BekkemaTwitterIcon.png and Spiffo, the community raccoon.

It is available to buy on Steam and Humble Bundle Store or GOG

The game will be updated in a modular style similar to the development of Minecraft, Towns, or Kenshi. A purchase at any time guarantees updates throughout its development lifetime, and Steam keys will be issued to anyone who owns the game through an alternate service up to and possibly after its Steam release.

The official forums can be found here.


Play Project Zomboid!

Stable Release Version:
Build 34.28
Latest Steam Beta Version:
Build 34.28

Useful Pages

How to control your character and survive in the world.
A build 32.16 solo survival guide for intermediate pz players. For a beginner's guide check Survival Guide (ongoing writing).
Help prevent a frequently answered question!
How will you survive the apocalypse?
All about you and your new body.
Find out the keyboard commands needed to stay alive.
Find out what your character is feeling with this handy list of moodles.
A list of all current items, including weapons and consumables.
Examine the most recent maps of Muldraugh, Knox County and the original suburbs map from the earliest version of PZ.
All current crafting recipes.
Suggested ways of doing things in Knox County.
Learn about modding and mapping in Project Zomboid.

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