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Lit Candle
CandleLit 120px.png

Weight: 0.2

A lit candle is a drainable illumination item. When equipped, it projects a ring of light around the player stronger than that of a Lighter, but weaker than a Flashlight. It has a limited usable time, which once drained, will be destroyed.

The lit candle can be put out, extinguishing the light source and reverting it to a candle, where it must be relit.


Product Recipe Description Skill Level
A Lit Candle x1
Candle.png + Matches.png
Candle x1 Lighter
Matches x1
(consumed) (consumed)
A Lit Candle. Level 0


From items.txt (Project Zomboid directory/media/scripts/)

	item CandleLit
		LightDistance		= 3,
		Weight			= 0.2,
		Type			= Drainable,
		TorchCone		= FALSE,
		UseDelta		= 0.003,
		LightStrength		= 0.6,
		DisplayName		= Lit Candle,
		ActivatedItem		= TRUE,
		Icon			= CandleLit,
		cantBeConsolided 	= TRUE,

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