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Battery 120px.png

Weight: 0.6

Batteries are a source of power for small household items. They are used to power the flashlight, radios, HAM radio, walkie talkies and lamp on pillar. When the device it is powering is turned on, the battery will begin to drain, until it eventually dies, upon which it will be destroyed/consumed. When used to power a flashlight, the player can tell when the battery is getting low, as the light will begin to flicker rapidly.

Batteries can be found in various places throughout the world, such as in garbage cans, wooden crates, counters and many other places. They can also be found inside radios and flashlights, so long as they haven't been left on.


Name Recipe Description Level
Battery x1

Flashlight x1
Remove Battery Electrical Level 0

Flashlight x1
Flashlight.png + Battery.png
Flashlight x1 Battery x1
Insert battery into flashlight Electrical Level 0


From items.txt (Project Zomboid directory/media/scripts/)

	item Battery
		Weight			= 0.6,
		Type			= Drainable,
		UseDelta		= 0.00001,
		UseWhileEquipped	= FALSE,
		DisplayName		= Battery,
		Icon			= Battery,
		MetalValue 		= 1,
		cantBeConsolided 	= TRUE,


0.2.0f Batteries fittable / removable for flashlights.
RC 2.9 Slowly drain and is consumed automatically by Flashlights. Flashlight can flicker, especially when they're almost out of batteries You can now build light sources, requiring batteries
Build 31 Fixed infinite batteries from "Remove Battery > All" action.
Build 33 Radios will have battery that can be removed.
Build 35 Can't consolidate batteries, candle and torch.

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