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Broccoli seeds
Broccoli Seeds.png

Weight: 0.009

Broccoli Seeds are the seeds inside a broccoli seed packet which are found in the drawers and closets of many houses, but can also be found in crates, storage shelves, and in warehouse type buildings.

A quantity of 50 can be repackaged back into a broccoli seed packet.

They are used with Farming to grow a crop of broccoli on plowed land in a attempt to create a renewable food resource.

It takes time to grow and requires being watered and watched over, and plants can be susceptible to various diseases which need to be treated or have a specific plant removed so it does not spread to the entire crop.

See Farming for further information.


Name Recipe Description Crafting Level
Broccoli CropB.png
Broccoli Crop x1
Plowed land.png + Broccoli Seeds.png (+) Water drop.png
Plowed Land x1 Broccoli Seeds x6 Water
(consumed) (consumed)
Min Water: 70
Average days until harvest: 23 days
Farming Level 0

Broccoli x1-?
Broccoli CropG.png

Broccoli Crop x1
Fresh Broccoli. Farming Level 0



    item BroccoliSeed
		Type		= Normal,
		DisplayName	= Broccoli Seeds,
		Icon		= TZ_BroccoliSeeds,
		Weight		= 0.009,


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