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Campfire kit
Campfire kit.png

Weight: 2


Using a campfire kit will place a campfire in any location. Simply right click on the ground and select 'Build a fire' when the kit is in your inventory. The campfire will be placed but no fire is lit.

There are three tools that, in addition to a fuel item, can be used to light a campfire; a lighter, matches, or a notched wooden plank with a sturdy stick.

Upon lighting the campfire, a weak flame will appear. If a player adds a burnable item (logs, books, etc), the fire will grow brighter. Going near an active fire pit will warm up the character. Furthermore, it can be used as a heat source to cook food.

A fire can be put out by extinguishing (right-click option) it or waiting for rain to douse it. The snuffed campfire kit may be picked up and placed elsewhere, or left on the ground to re-ignite later. It is unnecessary to extinguish the campfire before picking it up. Any items inside the campfire will be placed on the ground if it is picked up.

Starting a fire inside a building will burn the building down. This can be useful for clearing property or devastating to home bases.

Zombies are attracted to the light that fire gives off.


Name Recipe Description

Campfire kit.png
Campfire kit x1
Plank.png + Smallsheet.png
Wooden Plank
Log x3/x2
Twigs x1
(consumed) (consumed)
(No in-game description)
Creates a re-packable campfire for cooking food (creates no light as of 12/1/2013).
Level 0

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