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Cars should include:

  • Chevalier Nyala
  • Chevalier Nyala (Police variant)
  • Chevalier Cerise Wagon
  • Taxi
  • Dash Elite
  • Chevalier Primani
  • Chevalier D6
  • Dash Bulldriver
  • Franklin All-Terrain
  • Chevalier Dart
  • Masterson Horizon
  • Chevalier Cossette
  • Chevalier Step Van
  • Franklin Valuline
  • Ambulance (Valuline skin)
  • IGUI_VehicleNameVanRadio (Radio Van Valuline skin?)
  • Franklin Valuline (seats variant)
  • Franklin Valuline (Fossoil variant)

Maybe add stats later

Actions that can be done thru Vehicle radial menu

  • Switch seats
  • Turn on heater
  • Honk honk
  • Listen to the radio (requires working battery)
  • Open/close window (not sure what this does)
  • Open/close door (not sure what this does either, no door animation or anything
  • Lightbar control (choose from light mode off, 1, 2, 3)
  • Siren control (choose from standby, yelp, wall, alarm)
  • Sleep (not recommended because zombies can always notice you in the car and then proceed to sneak up and break window)