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  • You can use WASD to move your character around.
  • Holding Shift while moving will cause the player to run.
  • Holding CTRL or Right Mouse Button while moving causes the player to sneak, making the player slower, quieter and hence more difficult to detect (see also combat stance below).
  • You can also zoom in and out by using the Mouse Scroll Wheel
  • You can also right click on the ground and click the menu option that says "Move There" but is a rather awkward form of control.


  • Holding CTRL or Right Mouse Button will put the player into a combat/sneak stance with whatever weapon is equipped in the main hand. Pressing the Left Mouse Button will then use the weapon.**Note** This is also how you 'attack' doors to break them down.
  • To aim at a specific area hover your mouse over the area desired and click the Left Mouse Button to attack the direction where your crosshair is pointed.
  • The longer you hold Right Mouse Button down, the more accurate and powerful you will be.
  • While holding down CTRL or Right Mouse Button you can press Space which will make the player pushing with his hand or kick a lied down zombie instead of attacking with the currently equipped weapon.
  • 1 is the shortcut for equipping a Blunt Weapon.
  • 2 is the shortcut for equipping a Firearm.
  • 3 is the shortcut for equipping a Blade Weapon.


  • Items can be eaten or consumed by Right-Clicking and selecting Eat or by Left-Clicking and Dragging on the Heart icon below your inventory box.
  • The Right Mouse Button clears the item you are currently carrying with your cursor.
  • Pressing Tab will open up your inventory.
  • The Mouse Scroll Wheel will cycle through your inventory.
  • Double clicking the Left Mouse Button on an item in a container will add it to your inventory.
  • Highlighting an item and clicking the Left Mouse Button on the category of the item will transfer the selected item in the opposing container.
  • Clicking an item in your inventory while holding Shift will allow you to select multiple items at once.
  • Pressing F will activate a flashlight (if obtained) in your main inventory tab.
  • Pressing R will load/unload the magazine of a held pistol.
  • Holding R will add bullets to a held magazine.


  • Pressing Q will cause a shout from the player, drawing zombies near.
  • While pressing CTRL / Right Mouse Button, the Mouse cursor will allow you to face different directions
  • The Left Mouse Button is a context specific button and will vary depending on what it interacts with, such as picking up items, opening and closing of doors, windows curtains and lights switch.
  • Pressing F2 will pause the game.
  • Pressing M will mute the the Music.
  • You can remove Wooden Planks off a door or window if you have a Hammer in your inventory by right-clicking on the window/door.
  • To destroy walls, door frames and other props if you have a Sledgehammer in your inventory, then use Right Mouse Button and select Destroy
  • Pressing "E" will activate a general action if available (ex. Opening a door, window...)
  • Holding "E" will activate the "follow up" to the general action (ex. Going through a window after opening)
  • Rapidly pressing "E" will make an "urgent action" and will make your character take drastic measures (ex. Smashing a window with his/her arm)
  • When constructing walls, fences and similar objects, press R to rotate the object before placing it.
  • Pressing F12 will take a screenshot and store it in \Users\USERNAME\Zomboid\Screenshots folder.
  • To gather logs after cutting down a tree, head over to the logs and open up the inventory box. Click the ground icon and you should be able to pick up the logs.


Time Display


  • The blue digits in the upper-right is the current Time, Day and Month of your game. Time is displayed in 24-hour format.
  • Clicking the PAUSE symbol will pause the game.(Keyboard shortcut is F2)
  • Clicking the PLAY symbol with resume the game. (Keyboard shortcut is F3)
  • Clicking the Fast-Forward arrows or the Clock icon will Fast-Forward time at different speeds (Keyboard shortcuts are F4;F5;F6).

Left side of the HUD


  • 1 display your primary equipped item.
  • 2 display your secondary equipped item.
  • 3 will hide or show your inventory when you will left-click on it.
  • 4 will hide or show your health/skill panel, where you can find your survival time etc...
  • 5 will hide or show the crafting panel, where you can see the recipes known by your character.
  • 6 will enable the furniture moving, which will allow you to pick-up/place or rotate the furniture if you have the tools and skills required.


To use a controller you have to install it properly in your operating systen, then configure the controls in the options menu. [citation needed]