Empty Bottle (Whiskey)

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Empty Bottle (Whiskey)

Weight: 0.3

What the character receives after drinking some whiskey, and can be found with/on corpses in various homes. Although the bottle is empty, the container is worth twice as much as the booze inside it.(note, the alcohol can be used for sterilizing rags, and bandages.) The bottle can be filled with water as a makeshift water bottle. It can hold the equivalent of 12.5 mugs of water.


Name Recipe Description
Molotov Cocktail x1
SmallRippedSheet.png + Whiskey Full.png
Ripped Sheet x1 Whiskey Bottle (Full) x1
(consumed) (consumed)
A handy weapon that causes fire to burn surrounding tiles. A Lighter in the secondary slot is required to use. Level Unknown

Empty Bottle (Whiskey) x1
Whiskey Full.png

Whiskey Bottle (Full)
Whiskey Bottle (Half) x1
Empty Bottle of Whiskey. No crafting level required.


item WhiskeyEmpty
	Type				=			Normal,
		DisplayName			=			Empty Bottle,
		Icon				=			WhiskeyEmpty,
		Weight				=			0.3,
		ReplaceOnUseOn  	=			WaterSource-WhiskeyWaterFull,
		CanStoreWater		=			true

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