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Weight: 2

A flashlight is used to provide light for the player when it is dark and is the strongest source of light in the game. However, the light will attract any zombies around the player that see the light emitted from the flashlight. When low on battery, the flashlight will occasionally flicker.

Requires batteries. Once a battery is in, it can be fitted and un-fitted. However, as the flashlight is used, the battery will eventually die out. A new battery can be put into the flashlight once a battery is dead.


item Torch
			LightDistance	=	16,
		Weight	=	2,
		DisappearOnUse	=	FALSE,
		Type	=	Drainable,
		TorchCone	=	TRUE,
		UseDelta	=	0.0009,
		LightStrength	=	0.8,
		DisplayName	=	Flashlight,
		ActivatedItem	=	TRUE,
		Icon	=	Flashlight,


RC 2.9 Will slowly drain and consume batteries automatically.

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