Garbage Bag

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 Page Updated @ Version 37.13 
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Garbage Bag

Weight: 0.1

Garbage Bags are a type of container often found in kitchens and bins. They can be used to craft the Rain Collector Barrel.

They were added in build 21.

Item Description Weight Weight Reduction Capacity Classname
Garbage Bag
Garbage Bag
- 0.1 10 20 Base.Garbagebag


Name Recipe Description Level
Rain Collector Barrel x1
Smallhammer.png + Smallplank.png + Smallnails.png + Garbagebag.png
Hammer x1 Wooden Plank x4 Nails x4 Garbage Bag x4
(consumed) (consumed) (consumed)
A handy little barrel that collects and stores rainwater for later usage. One of the only sources of renewable water. Square Crate = Carpentry Level 4, Round Barrel = Carpentry Level 7

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