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Garbage Bag

Garbagebag 120px.png
Equipped: Hand
Weight: 0.1
Capacity: 20
Weight Reduction: 10
Name: Base.GarbageBag

Garbage bags are a baggage item added in build 21 which have a poor weight reduction, however a high capacity, making up for it. They are very common and usually a good substitute until a backpack is found, as they must be equipped in the hand. Four garbage bags are required to craft a rain collector barrel.

First aid kits can spawn with:

Tissue.png Tissue SocksAnim.gif Socks
Lighter.png Lighter Lollipop.png Lollipop
Battery.png Battery MintCandy.png Mint Candy
Pen.png Pen Cigarettes.png Cigarettes
Blue Pen Blue Pen Paper.png Sheet of Paper
Red Pen Red Pen Pop empty.png Empty Pop Bottle
Pencil.png Pencil WaterBottle Empty.png Empty Bottle (Water)
Magazine.png Magazine Empty Bottle (Whiskey) Empty Bottle (Whiskey)
Newspaper.png Newspaper

Item distribution


Building/Room Container Rolls Chance
All Bin 1 12
Bar Bin 1 12
Cafe Bin 1 12
Grocery Storage Bin 1 12
Kitchen Counter 2 9
Spiffo's Kitchen Counter 6 3


Name Recipe Description Skill Level
Rain Collector Barrel x1
Hammer.png + Plank.png + Nails.png + Garbagebag.png
Hammer x1 Wooden Plank x4 Nails x4 Garbage Bag x4
(consumed) (consumed) (consumed)
A handy little barrel that collects and stores rainwater for later usage. One of the only sources of renewable water. Square Crate = Carpentry Level 4, Round Barrel = Carpentry Level 7


From newitems.txt (Project Zomboid directory/media/scripts/)

	item Garbagebag
		WeightReduction	= 10,
		Weight		= 0.1,
		Type		= Container,
		Capacity	= 20,
		DisplayName	= Garbage Bag,
		Icon		= Garbagebag,

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