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Gas Can

Weight: 5


A gas can is a can full of petroleum. Currently, gas cans can be found in crates in the various storage buildings, sheds and garages, and rarely in trash cans. They can be found full or empty. Can be used to craft a Molotov cocktail by combining it with an empty whiskey bottle and adding a bandage, a pair of socks, or a dish towel. Also used to light campfires.

Gas cans can be used to fuel generators. One full gas can refills 80% of a generator's fuel tank as of version 37.13.

Empty gas cans can be refilled at any gas station before Electricity Shutoff happens. It is not possible to power gas pumps from that point on, even when using a generator to power a gas station.

Empty gas cans cannot be used for water.


item PetrolCan
		Weight	=	5,
		Type	=	Drainable,
		UseWhileEquipped	=	FALSE,
		UseDelta	=	0.125,
		DisplayName	=	Gas Can,
		Icon	=	Petrol,


RC 2.9 Serves no purpose with Fire removed in this version.

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