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Health is the amount of damage that a player, zombie, NPC, door or window can withstand before it either dies or breaks.

O Jogador

Health Window

A saúde do jogador é mostrada em um painel acessado através de um clique no icone de coração no canto superior esquerdo da tela. o corpo do personagem é separado em 17 partes:

  • Pé direito e esquerdo
  • Canela direta e esquerda
  • Coxa direita e esquerda
  • Mão direita e esquerda
  • Antebraço direito e esquerdo
  • Braço direito e esquerdo
  • Virilha
  • Torso inferior
  • Torso Superior
  • Pescoço
  • Cabeça


Por padrão , o jogador pode recuperar a maioria das lesões desde que ele ou ela não adquire novos danos ou tem qualquer condição impedindo a recuperação. A velocidade de recuperação é afetada por moodles. Estar bem alimentado acelera a recuperação enquanto estar com fome ou ter pego um resfriado pode tornar este processo mais lento. Outros moodles, como febre ou estar morrendo de fome, podem reverter o processo, causando mais dano ao personagem.

Estado geral do corpo

A saúde geral do jogador é exibida qualitativamente como a seguir:

Status Descrição
OK Não houve nenhum dano.
Leves escoriações Entre 90% e 100% de vida.
Minor Damage Entre 80% e 90% de vida.
Moderate Damage Entre 60% e 80% de vida.
Severe Damage Entre 50% e 60% de vida.
Very Severe Damage Entre 40% e 50% de vida.
Critical Damage Entre 20% e 40% de vida.
Highly Critical Damage Entre 10% e 20% de vida.
Terminal Damage Entre zero e 10% de vida.
Deceased Zero de vida. Observe a mudança de status para membros após a morte.
Zombificado Você está infectado e está perdendo vida gradualmente.

Limb Status (Living)

To view the status of a limb, mouse-over it. The status of each limb changes automatically upon death. While living, the player's limbs display one of the following statuses:

Status Description
OK No damage has been incurred by the limb.
Slight Injuries Between 90% and full health.
Very Minor Injures Between 80% and 90% health.
Minor Injuries Between 70% and 80% health.
Moderate Injuries Between 60% and 70% health.
Severe Injuries Between 50% and 60% health.

Limb Status (Dead)

Once overall status is "Deceased", the player's limbs display one of the following statuses.

Status Description
Gashed Between 90% and full health.
Chewed Between 80% and 90% health.
Gnawed Between 70% and 80% health.
Torn Between 50% and 70% health.
Partially Eaten Between zero and 50% health.
Eaten Zero health.

Tipo de lesões

Status Sintomas Causas Tratamento
Mordida Perca moderada de vida, bleeding, e pain. Tem chance de ocorrer quando atacado por um zumbi. A perca imediata de vida é impedida com bandagens, entretando existe uma chance de 96% do jogador ser infectado causando, eventualmente, sua morte por zombificação.
Bleeding Health loss, blood loss, and pain. Accompanies Scratched, Bitten, Deep wound, Lodged bullet, and Lodged glass shard. Applying bandages to the affected area. If left untreated, the player will continue to bleed and lose health until they eventually bleed out.
Burn Severe health loss and pain. Standing too close to fire. Treated with a clean bandage, then bandaged again - and regularly kept clean. The recovery time is lengthy.
Deep wound Health loss, blood loss, and pain. Has a chance of occurring when smashing windows with bare hands, climbing through a broken window, falling down a level, and getting hit with an axe. Stitching it up with a suture needle or a needle with thread (a suture needle causes less pain).
Fracture Health loss, reduced speed (if a leg injury), reduced combat abilities (if an arm injury), and pain. Falling from any floor higher than ground level (more severe if you're carrying a heavy load), and the impact of a blunt weapon. Creating a Splint with a Ripped Sheet and a straight wooden item (a Tree Branch, Sturdy Stick, or Plank).
Lodged bullet Severe health loss, blood loss, and pain. Getting shot. Bullet must be removed with a Suture Needle Holder or Tweezers, disinfected using a Bottle of Disinfectant or alcohol, stitched using a suture needle or needle, and then bandaged.
Lodged glass shard Health loss, blood loss, and pain. Breaking a window without having an item equipped, or climbing through a broken window. The shard is removed with tweezers, then bandaged. Bandaging a wound that still has glass in it will cause extra pain.
Scratched Minor health loss, blood loss, and pain. Being scratched by a zombie, smashing a window, or climbing a barbed wire fence. Immediate health loss is stopped with bandages. If the scratch was caused by a zombie, there is a 25% chance it will lead to death through zombification.
Wound infection Health loss and pain. Any wounds previously sustained have a chance to become infected, whether they are open or bandaged wounds. Infection is less likely if the wound is first disinfected and then covered with a sterilized bandage. Disinfecting wounds with alcohol, and/or covering with a bandage sterilized with alcohol.

Other Injuries

Status Description
Back Injury When carrying an 'extremely heavy load', walking causes major health loss, which can cause severe damage.
Fall Damage Caused from falling from great heights. Damage varies depending on the distance; For instance, jumping from a second-story window causes severe damage while jumping from higher floors can result in death.
Sickness Caused by being infected with zombie-ism or by eating bad food, sickness will initially slow down healing. If the sickness gets worse, the character will start losing health in all body parts and slowly die.

Zombie (pre-alpha)

All zombies have the same amount of health. However, there is no official unit set for a zombie's health.

NPC (pre-alpha)

NPC's health cannot be seen but if he has a status ailment (broken leg, bleeding) they will be displayed on mouse over.

Objects (pre-alpha)

Objects (so far, only the door and the window) have a set amount of health. As the object is attacked (from both zombie and human), the health of the object will slowly diminish until it reaches "0'. Once the health of an object reaches "0", the object will be destroyed instantly, and characters can walk through the remaining frame of the object as if nothing is there.

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