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There are multiple injury types in Project Zomboid. You can be injured by zombies, falling from great heights, burning oneself, or from a countless number of other sources that are there for you to discover. Hunger and sleep levels affect how fast, if at all, you heal from an injury.

Body Damage Status

Clicking on the heart icon displays the Body Damage Status overlay for your character. Both overall health and damage specific to each limb are noted.

Overall Body Status

The Player's overall health is displayed qualitatively as one of the following.

  • OK
No damage has been incurred.
  • Slight Damage
Between 90% and full health.
  • Minor Damage
Between 80% and 90% health.
  • Moderate Damage
Between 60% and 80% health.
  • Severe Damage
Between 50% and 60% health.
  • Very Severe Damage
Between 40% and 50% health.
  • Critical Damage
Between 20% and 40% health.
  • Highly Critical Damage
Between 10% and 20% health.
  • Terminal Damage
Between zero and 10% health. Contrary to what the name suggests, this condition is survivable if its causes are treated properly.
  • Deceased
Zero health. Note the change in statuses for limbs after death.

Limb Status

Each limb (head, neck, upper torso, lower torso, groin, right and left upper arms, forearms, hands, thighs, shin, and feet) is displayed qualitatively as one of the following. To view its status, mouse-over the limb in question.

The status of each limb changes automatically upon death.

Damage Statuses (Living)

While living, The Player's limbs display one of the following statuses.

  • OK
No damage has been incurred by the limb.
  • Slight Injuries
Between 90% and full health.
  • Very Minor Injures
Between 80% and 90% health.
  • Minor Injuries
Between 70% and 80% health.
  • Moderate Injuries
Between 60% and 70% health.
  • Severe Injuries
Between 50% and 60% health.

Damage Statuses (Deceased)

Once overall status is "Deceased", The Player's limbs display one of the following statuses.

  • Gashed
Between 90% and full health.
  • Chewed
Between 80% and 90% health.
  • Gnawed
Between 70% and 80% health.
  • Torn
Between 50% and 70% health.
  • Partially Eaten
Between zero and 50% health.
  • Eaten
Zero health.


  • Scratched

This injury is received from brief contact with a zombie, moving over broken glass in a window, or after a stitch is removed. It causes minor health loss and pain. Immediate health loss can be stopped with a bandage, however, there is a 25% chance it will lead to death through zombification regardless of the method in which it was obtained. This chance can be modified by taking certain character traits such as resilient. This injury causes negative pain moodles.

  • Bitten

This injury is usually received from prolonged contact with multiple zombies. It causes moderate health loss, bleeding and pain and has a 96% zombification chance. Even if the immediate health loss is stopped with a bandage, the player will still most likely eventually die from zombification. Creates a bleeding injury and pain moodles.

  • Bleeding

This injury is created with the Bitten or Scratched injuries. It creates bleeding moodles. Can be treated by applying a bandage to the affected limb.

  • Deep Wound

This injury is received occasionally in place of being scratched or a broken limb. It must be treated using a needle (suture or sewing). It will become stitched. After a few in game days the stitch can be removed and the wound will be replaced by a "scratched" status. It is recommended that the wound is disinfected often through the healing process.

  • Burned

Received after moving over a tile with fire on it. It must be cleaned by the player and bandaged. This type of wound can become infected very easily so it must be disinfected often.

  • Fractured

Received after falling from a height. It must be splinted and bandaged.