Rain Collector Barrel

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Rain Collector Barrel

Weight: 0.0

Rain Collector Barrels are used to collect rainwater, and take up one tile space. When it is raining, they will convert the rain into usable water. They are an alternative to the well in gathering water after the water works shut down. The collected rain water will be tainted and unsafe to drink and must be purified by boiling it in a heat source. The lesser collector requires level four Carpentry to build, and the bigger collector requires level seven Carpentry. The smaller collector stores enough water to fill four water bottles, and the large collector stores enough water to fill nine water bottles. If a rain barrel is placed on the tile above a sink in a building, the sink will function normally again, it will automatically filter the tainted water, however the filtering is a bug. One may need to offset the tile location by one to make the sink work.


Name Water units Water bottles
Small Rain Collector Barrel 80 8
Big Rain Collector Barrel 200 20

Tested in version 39.67.5


Name  Recipe  Description Skill
Rain Collector Barrel x1
Hammer.png + Plank.png + Nails.png + Garbagebag.png
Hammer x1 Wooden Plank x4 Nails x4 Garbage Bag x4
(consumed) (consumed) (consumed)
A handy little barrel that collects and stores rainwater for later usage.
One of the only sources of renewable water.
Square Crate: Carpentry Level 4,
Round Barrel: Carpentry Level 7


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