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Sheet Rope

Weight: 0.8

The sheet rope allows the player to descend out a window to ground level, without taking any fall damage, using 1 sheet rope per floor rappelled and 1 nail to secure it (regardless of the number of floors the sheet rope will cover). This can means that rappelling down a 7 story apartment requires 7 sheet ropes. Sheet ropes are crafted from sheets or clothes, and they take slightly less inventory space than sheets.

If the player does not have the "weak" trait, the player can climb up the sheet rope as well, making it an alternate entrance to your base as well as an exit. However, entering/exiting a structure by this method can be very time-consuming.

Tip: The sheet rope is one of the most useful tools in PZ; allowing you to build a fort with only sheet rope as an entrance, meaning zombies can't climb them and get into your fortification (although it is yet to have been tested with the zombie lore that allows zombies to use doors). Instead, they have to bash down nearby doors and windows in order to enter a fort. Furthermore, they can be used as backup exits to escape in case the fort is breached.

Important- You must have a nail in your inventory to hang a sheet rope.

It's also important to note that the ground floor and top floor of a two story house count as separate floors, so would require two sheet ropes. There has been confusion regarding this fact. You also don't need a hammer to put a sheet rope up.


Name  Recipe  Description
Sheet Rope x1

Skirt x1
A rope made of sheet(s) that can be hung out of a window. You need one bed sheet for each story you wish to climb up or down. Level 0