Snare Trap

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A medium sized trap used by novice trappers, used to catch both Rabbits and Squirrels.

Type Strength Weight Chance - % Classname
Snare Trap
Snare Trap
10 0.5 Squirrel - 20%
Rabbit - 20%


As of Build 32 crafting traps requires the player to either pick "Park Ranger" profession, a "Hunter" trait on character creation or read one of the Recipe Magazines that can be found in the world.

Item Ingredients Description Skill Level
Snare Trap x1
Saw.png + Plank.png + Twine.png
Saw x1 Plank x1 Twine (2 units)
(consumed) (consumed)
Used to trap small animals. Trapping Level 1
The Hunter Magazine Vol.1