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This is a solo survival guide in survival difficulty for stable builds past build 32. If you want a complete beginner's guide, go check Survival Guide. However, many of the common sense or useful tips there still apply here.

Before Starting the Game

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Upon Spawning

First things first, you'll find yourself in some house or building in Project Zomboid, either Muldraugh or West Point depending on which you choose. Prioritizing is key here. You just don't grab everything you find.

  • The very first thing to do is find a melee weapon. The kitchen or upstairs is your best bet in finding one.
  • Equip the best bags you happen to find. Usually, you'll find Plastic Bags or Garbage Bags early game but don't worry, you'll find better baggage as you explore.
  • Next, look for a Water Bottle, or any light-weight water container you can fill with water. Fill it with water and stash it inside your main inventory. This is what your survivor automatically drinks whenever he/she feels thirsty.
  • Grab all the food you can find. You may leave those baking ingredients as you will not be baking early on. Don't worry, baking ingredients are not perishable.
  • Explore the house you're in and start crafting at least four Ripped Sheets to bandage yourself when you're wounded, and two Sheet Ropes for escaping from upstairs if you have at least one Nail. For reference, ripping one garment item (sweater, underwear, pants, etc) produces two Ripped Sheets.
  • Nails, Garbage Bags and Empty Sand Bags. Yes, you'll be crafting your Rain Collector Barrels and start farming mid-game. Better start grabbing them early on. The empty sand bags is used to acquire and pour dirt to anywhere if you're planning on roof farming.
  • Skill Books. They weigh 0.8, therefore you'll have to decide on what's really important to have with you until you find yourself a suitable headquarters. What you'll need early are the Beginners and Intermediate Skill Books. Stash the others somewhere you won't forget for later or better yet, read those Beginner Skill Books while exploring or scavenging house to house.

Important Things To Grab

Not in any order of importance but:


Hammer.png This article or section is UNDER CONSTRUCTION. It is not complete.