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NOTE Some ingredients do not currently work as Primary, Secondary or Tertiary e.g. Open tin of Tuna, TESTED ON BUILD 27 Cooking Skill Level 2 END NOTE

Soup ingredients are food items that can be added to a pot of soup or pot of stew to increase the hunger reduction of the soup recipe. Soup ingredients cannot be used with the pot of soup crafted from canned soup.

Almost all ingredients can be used in soups and stews and provide the same hunger, boredom, and unhappiness reduction, though those amounts can vary depending on the skill level of the player.

Ingredients that have gone stale can still be used in soups and stews. Their reduced value of hunger reduction will be added to the soup, while the boredom and unhappiness penalties will not. This is a good way to extend the life of your perishable foods.

Soup ingredients can consist of the following items:

Always Accepted:

Chicken.png or Salmon.png or Steak.png or Broccoli.png or Peas.png or Carrot.png or CanTuna.png or CanBeans.png
Raw Chicken Raw Salmon Raw Steak Broccoli Peas Carrots Open Tin of Tuna Open Can of Beans

Just a note in interim build the open can of beans does not seem to work as primary, or secondary ingredient -Markusariliu

Only Accepted as the Second or Third Ingredient:

Butter.png or SmallSugar.png or Cheese.png or Flour.png or Egg.png
Butter Sugar Cheese Flour Egg

You will also require 3 units of water in your inventory.