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Sturdy stick
Sturdy stick.png

Weight: 0.1

A sturdy looking stick.

Crafted from Wooden Planks using the Saw (Right-click Wooden Plank, select Sturdy Stick). Used to light campfires and make tent kits. One sturdy stick, one notched wooden plank, and one fuel item must be held in order to ignite a campfire with this method. Can also be used to create a Splint.
Sturdy Sticks have an additional use as a fuel for fires, and lasts for 15 minutes if used this way. This is the lowest burning time, currently.


Sturdy Sticks can be used in the following recipes:

Name Recipe Description Skill Level
Sturdy stick.png
Sturdy stick x8
Saw.png + Smallplank.png
Saw x1 Wooden Plank x1
Crafted from Wooden Planks using the Saw. Used to make Tent Kits and kindling. Carpentry Level 0

Tent kit.png
Tent kit x1
Tent peg.png + MATERIALTarp.png + Sturdy stick.png
Tent peg x4 Tarp x1 Sturdy stick x2
(consumed) (consumed) (consumed)
(No in-game description)
Must be in Primary Slot to use.
Level Unknown

Kindle x1
CAMPNotchedPlank.png + Sturdy stick.png
Notched Wooden Plank x1 Sturdy stick x1
(consumed) (consumed)
(No in-game description)
Can be used to start campfires in place of a Lighter.
Level Unknown

Splint x1
Rag.png + SplintMats.png
Ripped Sheets x1 Plank
Tree Branch
Sturdy Stick x1
(consumed) (consumed)
Make Splint No crafting level required.


 item WoodenStick
        Type = Normal,
        DisplayName = Sturdy Stick,
        Icon = TZ_WoodenStick,
        Weight = 0.1,