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New Version I explained how to stop the "Process Complete" error by making a proper .command file. Also added some info on how to auto-update too. -Bill

Page To-Do List How do we change the window size? I still don't know how at the moment. -Bill

Need intructions on how to create the file. Just adding .command does no = a .command file. i can either choose .rtf (i was doing this in textedit btw) or use both .command.rtf

Also if there was a way control the window size. its a little too big for my 13 inch

=You can rename the file after you save/create it. Just delete the rtf at the end.

Im having a problem with the file even working though. I create the file, chmod it and run it and terminal just says "process complete" but no zomboid :(

I'm assuming you're using TextEdit? If it's telling you to save as .rtf, it means you have "Rich Text" enabled. Saving with "Rich Text" enabled will store all the formatting (font/colour/etc) that is applied to the text - meaning that the file cannot be launched. To rectify this, click "Format" on the menu bar and choose "Make Plain Text" - now you will be able to launch the file. --Turtwig

^ EDIT: Heyo, I'm new to the community, but I think I just figured out the "process complete" problem, and I will add the instructions into the main page. -Bill