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Health is 0.5

Windows allow the player and NPCs to see, shoot and enter specific buildings. Sheet ropes allow the player to descend out a window to ground level if the window is above the first floor.

A window may be barricaded, each barricade giving the window a far stronger build. Without barricades, a window is very frail and testing has shown that it takes as little as 20 in-game minutes for a zombie to smash open a winow.

Curtains can be made out of sheets or can be found pre-existing on the window and are used to cover windows. When covered, the window's line of sight is blocked from inside and outside. The curtains can only be opened and closed from the inside.

Climbing through windows is an ability that was added in version 0.2.0a. Both zombies and players can enter structures in this manner As of 0.2.0R, it will be possible to snipe out of a window with a ranged weapon.

Windows can be instantly "smashed" by a survivor for a quick escape but smashing the window has a chance cutting that character, Cracking a window using your bare hands guarantees bleeding. Furthermore, windows can be jumped out of from higher stories but will usually lead to severe injuries even if the survivor jumped out from only the second floor. Zombies can also leap out of windows from higher floors, but the injuries they get are lesser than the injuries a survivor may get.

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