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Page Updated @ Version: 36.4
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Wooden door frames are structures that a character can build to fortify a structure or create obstacles against zombies.

Wooden Door Frames

Wooden Door Frame Article.png
Ingame image of a wooden door frame at Build 36.40

Wooden door frames are a defensive structure that can be built to seal and reinforce entry/exit points, and can be used in the creation of completely new structures.

All wooden door frames require a player to have a hammer, planks, and nails to construct. The strength of the door frame itself is dependant on the level of the door frame.

Door frames are not attacked by zombies, but the wooden doors built into them however can be destroyed by zombies.


To build a wooden door frame, a player must first equip the hammer, and then select a door frame through the construction menu.

To construct a wooden frame, a player would require carpentry level 2.

Wooden door frames can be destroyed quickly by a sledgehammer and can be plastered and then painted using paint and a paintbrush.

Wooden Door Frame Stats

Item Wood Required to Build Total Nails to Build Health of Structure Provided Level of Construction

Wooden Door Frame

4 4 - 2


	item DoorFrame
		Weight		= 8.5,
		Type		= Normal,
		DisplayName	= Wooden Door Frame,
		Icon		= WallDoor,

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