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Large Gold Looped Earrings Medium Silver Looped Earrings Small Gold Looped Earrings
Sapphire Stone Earrings Pearl Earrings Dangly Emerald Earrings
Category Clothing
Heavy Load
Body location Ears
Technical details
Item ID See variants

Earrings are a cosmetic item. They have no functionality.



See more: Businesses

Earrings are often stored in homes and apartments around the map.


See more: NPCs (Legacy)

Zombies will sometimes be found wearing earrings.

Remove from world

As earrings can often create clutter on a multiplayer server, they can be removed by editing the SandboxVars.lua file and adding the following to the WorldItemRemovalList:



Icon Name Encumbrance Body location Item ID
Large Gold Looped Earrings Large Gold Looped Earrings 0.1 Ears Base.Earring_LoopLrg_Gold
Large Silver Looped Earrings Large Silver Looped Earrings 0.1 Ears Base.Earring_LoopLrg_Silver
Medium Silver Looped Earrings Medium Silver Looped Earrings 0.1 Ears Base.Earring_LoopMed_Silver
Medium Gold Looped Earrings Medium Gold Looped Earrings 0.1 Ears Base.Earring_LoopMed_Gold
Small Silver Looped Earrings Small Silver Looped Earrings 0.1 Ears
or EarTop
Small Gold Looped Earrings Small Gold Looped Earrings 0.1 Ears
or EarTop
Gold Stud Earrings Gold Stud Earrings 0.1 Ears Base.Earring_Stud_Gold
Silver Stud Earrings Silver Stud Earrings 0.1 Ears Base.Earring_Stud_Silver
Sapphire Stone Earrings Sapphire Stone Earrings 0.1 Ears Base.Earring_Stone_Sapphire
Emerald Earrings Emerald Earrings 0.1 Ears Base.Earring_Stone_Emerald
Ruby Earrings Ruby Earrings 0.1 Ears Base.Earring_Stone_Ruby
Pearl Earrings Pearl Earrings 0.1 Ears Base.Earring_Pearl
Dangly Sapphire Earrings Dangly Sapphire Earrings 0.1 Ears Base.Earring_Dangly_Sapphire
Dangly Emerald Earrings Dangly Emerald Earrings 0.1 Ears Base.Earring_Dangly_Emerald
Dangly Ruby Earrings Dangly Ruby Earrings 0.1 Ears Base.Earring_Dangly_Ruby
Dangly Diamond Earrings Dangly Diamond Earrings 0.1 Ears Base.Earring_Dangly_Diamond
Dangly Pearl Earrings Dangly Pearl Earrings 0.1 Ears Base.Earring_Dangly_Pearl


  • Prior to build 41, earrings could not be worn, and had only 1 variant. This variant of earrings has since been removed.
Icon Name item ID
Earrings.png Earrings Base.Earrings


From clothing_jewellery.txt (Project Zomboid directory/media/scripts/clothing)

Large Gold Looped Earrings

Retrieved: Build 41.78.16

    item Earring_LoopLrg_Gold
	    DisplayCategory = Accessory,
		Type = Clothing,
		DisplayName = Large Gold Looped Earrings,
		ClothingItem = Earring_LoopLrg_Gold_Both,
		BodyLocation = Ears,
		Icon = Earring_LoopLrg_Gold,
		Weight = 0.1,
		Cosmetic = TRUE,
		WorldStaticModel = Earring_LoopLrg_Ground,

Medium Silver looped Earrings

Retrieved: Build 41.78.16

    item Earring_LoopMed_Silver
	    DisplayCategory = Accessory,
		Type = Clothing,
		DisplayName = Medium Silver Looped Earrings,
		ClothingItem = Earring_LoopMed_Silver_Both,
		BodyLocation = Ears,
		Icon = Earring_LoopMed_Silver,
		Weight = 0.1,
		Cosmetic = TRUE,
		WorldStaticModel = Earring_LoopMedSilver_Ground,

Small Gold Looped Earrings

Retrieved: Build 41.78.16

    item Earring_LoopSmall_Gold_Both
	    DisplayCategory = Accessory,
		Type = Clothing,
		DisplayName = Small Gold Looped Earrings,
		ClothingItem = Earring_LoopSmall_Gold_Both,
		BodyLocation = Ears,
		Icon = Earring_LoopSmall_Gold,
		Weight = 0.1,
		ClothingItemExtra = Earring_LoopSmall_Gold_Top,
        ClothingItemExtraOption = PutOnEartop,
		Cosmetic = TRUE,
		WorldStaticModel = Earring_LoopSmall_Ground,

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