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{{languages|Key Ring}}
{{languages|Key Ring}}
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|image = KeyRing.png

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Key Ring

Weight: 0

A key ring is an item given automatically when the character is created. There is a 40% chance to spawn with a key: the key to the house the player spawned in. When additional keys are found, this is the place to put them. Items that are not keys cannot be put on the key ring.

A key is a pretty common item to find. Although it is possible to find keys in containers such as counters, dressers, and crates, it is much more common to find them on the corpses of zombies that were inside or in the vicinity of the building. If a door exists, it has a pretty decent chance to have a key that corresponds to it. However, if you find a key, you have probably already broken into the building the key is in, so it is very rare to find a useful key.

Door KeyKey1.pngKey2.pngKey3.pngKey4.pngKey5.png Padlock Key KeyPadlock1.png


	item KeyRing
		Weight			= 0,
		Type			= Container,
		DisplayName		= Key Ring,
		Icon			= KeyRing,
		Capacity		= 1,
		OnlyAcceptCategory 	= Key,


Ver31.9 Added to game.
Ver35.26 Now only a 40% chance to spawn with your house key.

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