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Discussion of the Deletion of the item Yo-yo

Deletion notice was added on January 22, 2014 by Connall.


I object the deceleration of deletion given and posted by Connall as even though the item in game doesn't give a relevant purpose, the object in game should be both mentioned and monitored for if or when the item becomes more relevant. If no further objections are brought forth in a decent 24 hour time span, I will personally remove the declaration of deletion. Just because an ITEM isn't useful in the game doesn't mean it shouldn't be listed and mentioned.

Rachel (Rachealica)

This page is what we would consider a stub article. The content should not be deleted outright, but be combined in a page that lists all the items in the game that have no current use and are classified as clutter. If this page were to remain, then a simple mention of the clutter status will need to be added. -Rachealica 30 August 2015, 05:15 (CST)

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