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Spiffo. Survivor Extraordinaire.
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    Spiffo. Survivor Extraordinaire.
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    Maps of the Knox Event

    Learn about modding and mapping in Project Zomboid.

    The interface is around here somewhere...
    The Interface:

    Game Modes
    How will you survive the apocalypse?

    Character Creation
    All about you and your new body.

    Game Controls
    Key-bindings and gamepad controls.

    The Moodles
    Find out what your character is feeling with this handy list of moodles.

    Ingame Item List
    A list of all current items, including weapons and consumables.

    Hand written guides for survival
    Player Written Guides:

    Survival Guide
    How to control your character and survive in the world.

    Suggested ways of doing things in Knox County.

    Crafting List
    All current crafting recipes.

    Cooking Ingredients
    All current crafting recipes.

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