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Nolan's Used Cars
Nolan's Used Cars.png
Nolan's Used Cars logo
Nolan's UsedCars External.png
External view of Nolan's Used Cars, located in Dixie Mobile Park.
Type Vehicle Dealership
Location Dixie Mobile Park
Technical details
Top floor Level 1
Floor count 1 floors
Parking 41 spaces

Nolan's Used Cars is a used vehicle dealership operating outside of Dixie. The used car lot is located on an intersection between Dixie and West Point, KY. The used car lot is next to a Gas-2-Go Filling Station, a Spiffo's restaurant and a Barg-N-Clothes store.



  • Nolan's Used Cars is a reference to one of PZ's most popular mod authors nolanritchie. Nolan is well known for making the "Driving Cars" series of workshop mods.
  • The used car lot was formerly known as "Molan's Used Cars" until Build 39 also known as the Vehicles Build was released.