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Weight: 0.2

The Padlock is an item that can be used to control access to player-crafted crates. It can be found only in "tool store" zones, such as the one in downtown West Point. Padlocks are effectively useless in single-player games, but since a padlocked crate cannot be used or even viewed by a player who does not hold a matching key, it can deter looters on a multi-player server. However, a locked crate can be bashed to pieces, spilling its contents, just as easily as an unlocked crate can.

How to Use

  1. Construct a Wooden Crate. This requires two Planks, two Nails, and Carpentry level 3. Note that the player-crafted Wooden Crate is the only container that can be padlocked; other crafted containers like shelves cannot be, nor can pre-existing crates like those in warehouses.
  2. Place a Padlock in your personal inventory. Padlocks cannot be used from inside a bag.
  3. Open the context menu for the crate and select "Put Padlock".
  4. See that the padlock has been replaced in your inventory by two keys. These are weightless and can be stored on your Key Ring like door keys, although they have a different icon.

While the padlock is in place, the crate's tab in the inventory window will have a lock icon on it. If you hold the correct key, the icon is an open lock, and the container works normally. Otherwise, it is a closed lock, and the container's tab cannot even be viewed.

Holding the key also adds the "Remove Padlock" option to the crate's context menu so that you can return it to its original unrestricted state and reuse the padlock. Removing a padlock will remove one of its keys from your inventory, while re-adding an already used padlock will return one key (not two) to you.

The two keys from each padlock are identical. You can keep them both or share one with a trusted friend.

As with door keys, you can check which key opens which crate. Just select any individual key on your person (expanding stacks if needed), and the corresponding crate will be highlighted yellow if it is in view. However, as of build 32 it seems that all padlock keys will open all padlocks, at least in single-player games[1].

Padlock Key KeyPadlock1.png


item Padlock
		Weight	=	0.2,
		Type	=	Key,
		DisplayName	=	Padlock,
		Icon	=	Padlock,
        Padlock =   TRUE,


Ver31.9 -

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