Patch 0.2.0r RC2.5

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0.2.0r RC2.5
Latest release
July 24, 2012
Stable release
July 24, 2012

Patch 0.2.0r RC2.5 was released July 24, 2012.


  • NPC tweaks to hopefully make them less hopeless (though don't expect them to be Bear Grylls):
    • Why are you trying to pathfind through trees, you fools?!
    • Tweaked flee behaviour to avoid 'stand there looking stupid getting eaten' issues. Will now favour a close range pathfind instead of opposite side of map, for quicker results.
    • tweaked pathfind manager to put pathfind jobs on empty threads to reduce wait time for NPCs to get long pathing results
    • Factored in danger rating of tiles for short range fleeing.
    • Found intriguing bug where NPCs stand waiting for a pathfind to complete that's not in the system any more (must have failed or completed) no known cause yet but intriguing and may help a LOT if fixed.
    • Fixed bug with 'obtainitem' behaviour where character would go to all the buildings he plans to search before actually searching any of them.
    • NPCs no longer collide with pushable objects (for now) so they don't get stuck on them.
  • changed zombie spawn. If it still goes weird I literally have no clue what's up.
  • Fixed hammer sound glitch.(This is still not fixed)
  • [Modders] ZombRand(a, b) now changed to ZombRandBetween(a,b) due to conflict issue.
  • Zombie start density closer to q levels (though a bit higher and still looking for spawn bugs)