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This article/section is about an item or mechanic that is currently unimplemented and planned for build 43.
It has either been previewed or found in the game files and does not exist yet.
A survivor (right) threatens the player with a shotgun.

A Survivor is a human NPC that has survived the initial infection and is trying to survive the Knox Event.


Survivors are computer controlled characters which exist in 2 forms, a physical character and a non-physical meta character. When occupying the same area as a player these persons will be spawned in a way to reflect their meta state. Some may be fortified in a structure while others may be traveling from one area to another. Things like injuries, infection, gear, transportation will all reflect the survivor(s) current state in the "meta narrative".

While not in the same area as the player the meta takes over which will generate context specific events and allow the survivors to move about the world in a more simple way. For example if survivors are trying to get to a hospital and they have a car they will proceed to travel along the road with the speed based on their car. Along this route they may encounter obstacles like road blocks, check points etc which will generate new events for the survivor(s). All of this is remembered by the survivors involved and can be told through dialog later on.

Survivors are also capable of having various traits similar to the player which will influence their actions, abilities and how others refer to them. It is currently unknown how recruiting or joining survivors will work as much of this is still in the early phases.

Unique Survivors

Story or challenge specific survivors will be listed here.

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