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A simple template that displays the current version so articles can be updated on a single page (here) rather than updating each page individually. Depending on the variable, this template can display the current stable, IWBUMS, or test version.


Date updated

This is to identify the last time this was updated.

{{Current version|date}}

Will display: 13/9/2018


Used to display the current stable build {{Current version|stable}}

Will display: 40.43

{{Current version|date=stable}}

Will display: 20/12/2018


Used to display the current iwbums build {{Current version|IWBUMS}} or {{Current version|iwbums}}

Will display: 41.39

{{Current version|date=IWBUMS}} or {{Current version|date=iwbums}}

Will display: 22/6/2020


Used to display the current public test build {{Current version|test}}

Will display: 40.8

{{Current version|date=test}}

Will display: 22/08/2018


The variables within this template can be updated easily.

Version Number

Replace the old version number with the new one:
| stable | Stable = [[Build 40|40.43]]

If it's a whole new build, replace the article name - this will provide a link to the relevant changelogs:
| stable | Stable = [[Build 40|40.43]]


Replace the old date with when the update was released:

| stable | Stable = 20/12/2018
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