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Template:Page version

Template page
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Notebook.pngTemplate Documentation

This mbox is used to indicate that a page is updated to a specific version of the game.



1 Required
Game version the page was updated in, default to Unknown version.
If set to true, will not add the page to any version category.
Can be set to outdated if the page is severely outdated, adding it to the outdated articles category.


UI Tick.png
This page has been revised for the current stable version (41.78.16).
Help by adding any missing content. [edit]

Profession engineer.png
This page has been updated to an unstable beta version (42.1).
There may be additional features that are not in the stable version (41.78.16), released 2022-12-12.
This version is part of a public beta that must be opted into.

This page was last updated for an older version (41.50).
The current stable version is 41.78.16, released 2022-12-12, so information on this page may be inaccurate. Help get this page updated by adding any missing content. [edit]
Please update the version after updating the page.

How to translate

This template doesn't need to/shouldn't be translated, but you can translate the documentation of this template with the following steps:

  1. Create a subpage of this template with the language code of the language you want to translate to.
  2. Copy the code wrapped in the <noinclude> tag in this template into the page you created.
    {{Translation guide}} template should be removed from the translated documentation.
  3. Translate the page according to the translation requirements of normal pages.

See also

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