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Language policy Language: English
The Rusty Rifle
The Rusty Rifle.png
The Rusty Rifle logo
RustyRifle External.png
External view of The Rusty Rifle, located in Muldraugh
Type Bar
Location Muldraugh, KY
Coordinates Show location on an interactive map10761x10550
Technical details
Top floor Level 2
Floor count 2 floors
Stairways 1 stairways
Parking 12 spaces

The Rusty Rifle is a bar, located in Muldraugh. The bar is nearby a small trailer park and Filling station filling station. The bar has one door and four windows. In the first floor of the bar, there is a bar counter, tables and seating at the bar counter. A pool table is near the front door and there are two toilets located next to the bar. Upstairs there is a bathroom and multiple bedrooms.