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Twiggy's logo
Twiggy's Bar External.png
External view of Twiggy's, located in West Point
Type Bar
Location West Point, KY
Coordinates Show location on an interactive map12067x6800
Technical details
Top floor Level 2
Floor count 2 floors
Stairways 1 stairways

Twiggy's is located in West Point in between Giga Mart and West Point Gun Range and Hunting Center. There is a small parking lot and picnic area located outside of the premises. The bar has one door and four windows. The bar's first floor consists of the bar, a small dining area, a stock room and a bathroom. Upstairs consists of a large dining area, two pool tables and a Paws pinball machine.


The bar's owner "Twiggy" is interviewed on KnoxTalk Radio. The owner fled with his wife and dog to visit a cousin before the military set up the Exclusion Zone during the Knox Event.



  • Twiggy's is a reference to the former Project Zomboid youtuber and twitch streamer "sirtwiggy."