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Name Description Image
Project Zomboid Map Project A very handy map of the in-game world created by Benjamin 'blindcoder' Schieder (@blind_coder), where you can drag around and zoom into specific areas. Different points of interest are highlighted by blue circles, which can help you pinpoint where your character is and different destinations, as well as letting you set your own custom pins which can be used to mark looted locations, safehouses, or personal points of interest. The map is constantly updated with each map update along with having popular map mods like Bedford Falls, New Denver and Over The River Muldraugh.png
Undeniable Wiki A Project Zomboid database created and managed by Nolan Ritchie. This database is powered by a script that intelligently reads the game source files, allowing the database to be updated almost instantly after a new updated is released. It contains various categories, including: item list, recipe list and much more.
Dynamic Map Range A useful tool used for identifying map distance in tiles/metres. The radius can be edited using the text box on the right, updating the range dynamically. Map Range 150.png
Character Planner A character creation tool allowing you to plan your character's occupation and traits when not in-game. Clicking an occupation and trait will display any relevant traits in the top-right "chosen traits" window, and any skills in the bottom-left "major skills" window. Available points to spend (with default game settings) is displayed in the bottom-right corner. Traits unmarked.png