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This section is likely to contain major spoilers pertaining to the story of Project Zomboid.

(Note : The tutorial is currently horribly buggy and unplayable in 0.2.0q, and will be fixed in 0.2.0r.)

'Til Death Us Do Part is a story included by default in Project Zomboid's Story Mode. It includes a tutorial to introduce new players to the basic concepts of Project Zomboid.


Bob Smith

The player's character. He is a white, middle-aged male whom probably lived with his wife in the Knox Country area before the zombie outbreak. Through their troubles he shows a commitment to keeping his wife and himself safe from the dangers of the zombie-ridden world. He doesn't seem to have any special skills as of the moment.

Kate Smith

Bob Smith's wife. At the beginning of the story, she is lying injured in bed, her leg broken from an earlier encounter with looters. She is calm, yet concerned with Bob's safety throughout the story. After completing the tutorial, her leg will slowly regenerate (from severe bleeding to bleeding, then to not bleeding), but her leg will stay broken. To further help her, you can use a belt to stem her bleeding legs.

The Raider

The raider is a cruel yet well-prepared man who has nowhere to live. After hearing sounds of the radio from Bob's house, he decides to take it over because he has nowhere to live. He will threaten Bob with a shotgun (remember, Bob's weapon is a hammer), and he will force Bob to reveal Kate's location. If he doesn't see Bob, he will search the rooms for Bob (excluding the second floor bathroom), and if he doesn't find Bob in his search, he will go upstairs and talk to Kate instead. After seeing Kate, he will kill her if Bob doesn't interfere, because he believes that Kate is bitten. If Bob tries to fight him without sneaking on him, he will kill Bob (he has the weapon advantage). Once killed, Bob will take his valuable possessions (a shotgun and a baseball bat, some shells, a vest, and a lighter). Strangely, his name is randomly generated.

Kitchen Zombie

A single zombie in the house with the food. He will be hiding in the kitchen, and he will startle the player, causing the panic moodle to appear on the player. Fortunately, he does no damage (because his purpose is for the player to learn combat, not a challenging opponent), so killing him will be fairly easy, which can be done with either a hammer or a plank.

The Aggressive Man

After completing the tutorial, you can find a survivor in the supermarket. He is armed with a shotgun, and will warn Bob to leave the supermarket. If Bob doesn't leave, he will shoot Bob, but if Bob kills him while he is warning him, Bob will be able to steal his belongings. He has a shotgun, some shells, a baseball bat, a lighter, and some other supplies. He too has a randomly generated name. He is exclusive in "Till Death Us Do Part", in Sandbox mode, he doesn't appear.


Starting House

In "Till Death Us Do Part", the starting house is the house where Bob and Kate is spawned. The house has 13 windows, 8 rooms, 2 floors, 2 entrances, 2 beds, 1 oven, 1 fridge, and a dozen containers. This house is almost devoid of supplies, with most containers empty except for the closets, a medicine cabinet, and one of the kitchen counters. In the closet, there is a pillow and some sheets. In the medicine cabinet, there is a bottle of pain killers. In the kitchen counter, there is a can opener and a pot. In this house, you will learn the very basics (crafting, moving, gathering items, first aid, cooking). Later, a raider will come into the house. Even after the tutorial, this house is a good base because it is in the corner of the map (zombies attack in only 2 directions rather than the usual 4).

Small Generic House

In this house, there is no bedroom, one bathroom, one living room, and one kitchen. It has 1 entrance, 4 rooms, 1 floor, 7 windows, 1 fridge, and 1 oven. The bathroom and the living room are devoid of supplies. However, the kitchen has 3 cans of soup and a couple of fruits. In the kitchen, there is a hiding kitchen zombie, whom Bob will fight in the tutorial to learn combat.

The Shed

The shed is a small structure Bob goes into to get some fortification supplies. There is 1 door and 1 room, with 1 container, nothing else is in the shed. In the shed, there is a hammer, 10 planks of wood, and 15 nails. After completing the tutorial, it is possible to turn the shed into your base, although it isn't a very good choice. This can be done by dragging a couch in the shed (for sleep), and by making crates or dragging wheelie bins for extra containers (to store). It is directly northwest of the starting house

The Streets

Before the tutorial is complete, zombie numbers should be around 0-5 (around the house), and an encounter should be pretty rare. After completion, zombies will spawn in greater numbers because the player has enough supplies and weapons to fend them off.


First Aid

You are immediately presented with the option to either tend to her leg or skip the tutorial section entirely. To skip the tutorial, head to the nearby cupboard and retrieve the Pillow. Use the pillow on Kate to smother her to death, ending the tutorial.

If you wish to proceed with the tutorial, take the Sheets instead. Click the box on your toolbar to open your inventory. At the bottom of the inventory is a button with a hammer and nails on it. Click that to open your Crafting box and place the sheets inside. A new icon should appear. Click that to craft the Sheets into Ripped Sheets. These can be used to bandage wounds. With the sheets selected, click Kate to bandage her wounded leg.

Next, head to the nearby bathroom (click the door to open it) and retrieve some Painkillers from the Medicine Cabinet. Give one to Kate and you will have finished treating her injuries. (Don't worry about the bleeding. It'll eventually heal.)


Your next task is to barricade the lower floor. To do that, you'll need to get some supplies. Head down the stairs and out the door to the left. Go through the back yard to reach the shed. There, you will find the Hammer, your first melee weapon, as well as 10 Plank and 15 Nails, all of which will be necessary to fortify your home.

To barricade a Door or Window, first you will need to equip your Hammer by bringing it to the large circular slot, just right of you inventory. With hammer in hand, select the planks and click any Door or Window you wish to barricade. (Make sure you don't block yourself out or you will need to break a plank to get back in!) Each door and window will require one Plank and one Nail to fortify. If you want, you can take a board and nail back off a door by selecting your hammer and clicking the door you want to un-barricade. You don't need to board up all the entry points. One room has both a Door and a Window; you need only block one of them. All other Doors and Windows that lead to the outside must be barricaded. Once you are finished barricading, and you return upstairs to the bed Kate is in, she will tell you that it's too dangerous to go outside and asks you to go to bed.

Scavenging and Combat

After fortifying the ground floor, go back upstairs and talk to Kate to sleep for the night. In the morning, head outside. (You will need to destroy the main Door's plank.) Your next task is to gather some food. Head to the right, towards your neighbor's house. There will be a single Zombie somewhere inside the house, but he shouldn't be too much of a hassle. To attack him, hold control and click on him. (Make sure your Hammer is equipped!) He should go down in 2 hits. With him gone, head to the kitchen. (There's nothing in the bathroom.) Check the Cupboards to obtain 2 cans of Soup and the Fridge for some Carrots and an Apple.


Now, return home with your food. Right now, your Soup isn't much good. You'll need to get a Can Opener and a Cooking Pot from the kitchen Cupboard to make it edible. Once you have those, place the Can, the Opener, and the Pot in your Crafting grid to create a Pot of Soup. This makes it edible, but to advance the tutorial, you also need to place it in the Oven and turn it on. When you do, Kate will call you upstairs to hear a radio transmission. If you go upstairs without turning off the Oven, a Fire will start and set off the fire alarm. This will attract all nearby Zombies to your door. If you attempt to leave the house, you will likely be massacred by the horde. If you stay inside, will burn with the rest of the house, so it's best to not let this happen. (There is currently no means of extinguishing the Fire.)


After some time Kate calls you to listen to a radio transmission, after the transmission an armed human NPC will enter your house (removing any barricades on doors instantly if needed). There are many ways he will respond (depending on whether he sees you or Kate first. If he spots you, he will have a short conversation with you, have you lead him upstairs, and shoot Kate. If he does not see you, he will wander around the house for a moment, head upstairs, and shoot Kate. If you attempt to attack him after he sees you, he will shoot at you and likely kill you. If you want to save Kate, your only chance is to hide from the Raider and ambush him with the Hammer. When he dies, you can steal a Shotgun, a Baseball Bat, 32 Shotgun Shells and a Lighter from his corpse.

The pillow

If you wish to end the tutorial quickly you can! If you look in the closet in Kate`s room you will find a sheet & a pillow. Simply drag the pillow and click on Kate to kill her. Now you are free to wander the world alone. By doing this you recive a picture of Kate Smith and some very depressing music.


He has many valuable possessions such as a shotgun and a baseball bat. What you do next is your choice, but after you kill him, the zombie numbers outside will increase, and eventually, you will have to gather food (the soup you got will only last 2 or 3 days).


What Next

As the game tells you at the start, you will not survive forever. You will probably not even survive more than a few days afterwards unless you have experience in this game. Still, there are some things that will help you live longer.

Limit your outdoor activities to the day time, the night time will prevent vision and there will be more zombies. In night time, bring your haul back in, organize the materials and process them and get some sleep.

First, large groups of Zombies should be avoided unless you are surrounded. They drop some valuable items when killed (Apple, Nails, water bottles) but they have a good chance to Injure you. If you come across a large horde of Zombies, you should run.

When you do fight Zombies, you should try not to fight too many at one time. Any melee weapon will suffice if they aren't too many of them. The best is the Items, which should be found as soon as possible. If you must fight a large group, a Shotgun if the best choice, though this consumes ammo and the sound of a gunshot will attract even more zombies, it is a very capable weapon.

You will need to eat periodically. The longer you go without eating, the greater your Hunger debuff will become.The closer you get to death by starvation, and some of your stats will weaken, but if you eat food when starving, the food will have greater impact. However, if you eat when not hungry, your Well Fed buff will increase, boosting you stats, but the food comsumed is worth a little less. Therefore, it's best to keep your level at neutral unless you plan to survive a super long time, then eat at starving only.

You also need to sleep. After you've been awake for a certain amount of time, you will become Tired and eventually pass out on the spot. It's best to sleep at night since Zombies can see in the dark, but you cannot, and they spawn more. You can't sleep if you are panicked, in severe pain, or not-sleepy. If you want to sleep but aren't Tired, you will need to find some Sleeping Tablets in one of the Medicine Cabinets somewhere around town. Beta Blockers can be used to reduce Panic.

Nails and other construction materials are numerous in the hardware store and in the warehouse. If you looted all of those, check the local zombie corpses, they actually have a large amount of nails and a fair amount of planks, and sometimes they even give hammers. You should find a Fire Axe as soon as possible so you can chop trees. Although the hardware store/warehouse has enough planks for you to barricade every spare window in your house, it doesn't have enough to build larger fortifications.

Your base is bound to be invaded some time, doing the following activities will increase your chances of surviving one. First off, sheet all the windows, that should dramatically lower the chance of an invasion. Then, barricade all spare entrances and first floor windows to 4 layers of planks, that should stall their entry. Then, make an emergency catwalk, connect it to some other house, that's your escape route if your base is ever breached. After you make the catwalk, build a LONG maze to your front door, with MANY bottlenecks, if your maze makes all the other doors and windows impossible to access, that's a plus. If the horde ever come to your house, you can multiply your combat efficiency by running to another bottleneck if they are too close to you. When your base is under attack by 15+ zombies, you need to grab that shotgun, preferably sawn-off. Run to corners and bottlenecks where they can only attack you from one direction, if you have the maze, then just run back the maze when they look like they're coming too close to you. If you have a well-fortified base, you should survive most invasions. After an invasion, why not look at their loot for extra food and water, that's your spoil of war.

Good luck.