A Really CD DA (Challenge)

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"You fall, getting out of the shower. From the drank alcochol, you barely stand on your legs, and you got a cold.

And if it was not enough - your home is standing in flames. It is definitely not your day.

(Challenge inspired 'A Really Bad Day' from a great game, that everyone should play - Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead)"

Short Description

This challenge is the hardest challenge in the game. You start very drunk, whit a glass shard (Severe bleeding), in you "private area"


(Please update, if updated, DELETE THIS)

When creating a character, pick up the fitness trainer.

When you spawn in the house, get out of there, and go to the nearest house. If you found something terable (Shirt, etc.), tear it, get out the glass from your "private area", and bandage the wound.