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A Really CD DA is a challenge game mode that was added to Project Zomboid in build 31 (February 10, 2015). It is explicitly inspired by the Really Bad Day challenge from the 2013 survival game Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead (often abbreviated as CDDA). Its title is intended to be read as A Really Seedy Day.

In-game challenge description

You get out of the shower and fall badly. You're blind drunk, and have a nasty cold.

On top of all this, the house is on fire! Today is definitely not your day.

[A challenge inspired by A Really Bad Day from the awesome, wonderful and MUST-PLAY Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead]

General scenario description

Regardless of what clothing options the player selects during character creation, they will be immediately stripped from any clothes (which also includes a key ring, as well as any other starting items that may be added by modding the game or character inventory editing through alternative means) upon beginning the challenge. They will also be drenched, drunk, have a runny nose, and be bleeding due to glass shards lodged in their groin. The spawn point is a one-story house in northern Muldraugh, which will be partially consumed by fire, requiring the player to escape in a matter of seconds or risk being afflicted with burns.

Additional notable changes:

  1. The game world is heavily affected by Erosion.
  2. The starting season is Winter.
  3. Most zombies will have very damaged clothing on them and appear looking much more withered than normal (possibly due to same erosion mechanic).
  4. Loot Rarity for every item category appears to be set at Insanely rare.
  5. The only map available in this challenge for the player to explore is Muldraugh. Even if you have mods installed to add other maps to the game, they will not be added to the game world.
  6. Electricity and water shutoff options are both set at Instant.
  7. All perishable food items found will always be rotten.
  8. Mini-map is turned off.
  9. Weapon multi-hit option is disabled.
  10. Zombie Population appears to be set at Insane.


Ensure your character runs upwards towards the Muldraugh north farmhouse, it is advisable to stay here for a day or two to heal up and read skill books if found. There is also a cabin that is located in the right direction of the farmhouse, containing some additional loot and a wood stove. Follow the railroad, and go a bit up from it, the cabin is near Dixie. Good luck surviving.

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