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A Storm is Coming is a challenge game mode in Project Zomboid bringing endless rainfall and regular thunderstorms.

In-game challenge description

Clouds are gathering over Kentucky. The crackle of thunder can be heard in the distance.

As skies darken, the dead that stumble over the earth grow restless.

This is a storm that will grow and fall back in its ferocity, but it will never end.

Challenge scenario description

The primary challenge of this game mode, aside from dealing with the undead while having your situational awareness drastically reduced, will be to keep dry as much as possible to avoid becoming sick. Although umbrellas will help when outside, this may force the player to spend much of their time inside and budgeting their time out gathering supplies. Those with the Claustrophobic trait may feel constant panic. The thunder will cause more zombie migrations, and the reduced sight distance can lead to players being surprised and trapped in their homes by roaming hordes.

The rain begins as soon as the game begins: it will start light and regularly increase to maximum downpour, fluctuating between the severities of precipitation but never truly ending.

Due to the constant rainfall, the collection of water for consumption, washing, and irrigating crops is of little issue. Carrots and radishes can be overwatered and will be ruined if attempted to farm them. Players can comfortably take the Thirsty trait with adequate containers to catch rain and the means to purify it but will be unable to maintain campfires to cook food or boil water. Rain collector barrels effectively solve any water issues, provided the player has sufficient carpentry to make them.

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