Abandoned Town

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Abandoned Town
Isometric view of the Abandoned Town
Type Abandoned
State Kentucky
Country United States of America
Coordinates Show location on an interactive map4048x6154

The Abandoned Town is an unnamed small, decrepit town at the northwestern edge of Knox Country.



The town contains 26 homes, with only one seemingly still in use. 23 of the homes are abandoned, 1 is burnt down, and 1 is under construction. Many of the abandoned homes have destroyed doors and windows, with trash, old furniture, and graffiti inside. The abandoned homes have very minimal loot inside, with the trade-off that there are little to no zombies in the area.


At the southern edge of the town, there is an abandoned saloon, a small checkpoint, and a strip mall still under construction. None of the areas have any prominent features, except for 7 crates at the construction site, which may have some loot.


CGE Corp is the abandoned factory at the western edge of the Abandoned Town. The factory is 2 buildings with 3 floors, connected at the second floor with a bridge. The factory sports 3 empty warehouse rooms, 4 bathrooms, 11 office rooms, 3 maintenance closets, a generator room, a break room, and an old elevator.

It is suspected that the town sprouted when the factory workers built their homes near their jobs. The town could've also formed as a company town, where the company itself built the homes and amenities for the workers. One of the theories on how the town became abandoned was that either the factory, or the whole company went out of business, making the now unemployed workers move away in search of new jobs. Another, more nefarious theory is that the factory had poisoned the land and groundwater around the town, making it unsuitable for human inhabitants.


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