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Abandoned town

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Abandoned town
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Isometric view of the abandoned town
United States of America

The abandoned town, nicknamed Tanglewood town by the community based on graffiti found in one of the buildings, is an unnamed small, decrepit town at the northwestern edge of Knox Country.


The town contains 26 homes, with only one seemingly still in use, nicknamed the trapper's house. 23 of the homes are abandoned, 1 is burnt down, and 1 is still under construction. Many of the abandoned homes have destroyed doors and windows, with trash, old or makeshift furniture, and graffiti inside. The abandoned homes have very minimal loot inside, with the trade-off that there are little to no zombies in the area.


At the southern edge of the town, there is an abandoned saloon, a small checkpoint, and a strip mall still under construction. None of the areas have any prominent features, except for 7 crates at the construction site, which may have some loot. The town also hosts C.G.E. Corp factory. McCoy Logging Co. containers can be found near the house construction site with crates with logs inside.


  • This location is often referred to as Tanglewood due to a piece of graffiti on one of the buildings. It should be noted, however, that it isn't the only place that has this graffiti painted.

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