Advert Trailer

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Advert Trailer
Advert Trailer
Manufacturer Generic
Vehicle type Standard
Weight 272
Style Valu Insurance
Vote Fairweather
Sky Blue Banking
Marple & Christie Legal
Ready Prep Surplus
93.2 LBMW Radio
Juke Box Bowling
Technical details
Base ID Base.TrailerAdvert

The Advert Trailer is an un-powered vehicle found throughout Knox County. Their use consists of displaying commercial advertisements for various pre-infection businesses scattered across the map.

Currently, their implementation remains purely cosmetic, and as such towing one would provide the player no discernible benefit other than wielding a powerful fashion statement.



  • Tires
  • Suspension


The Advert Trailer's spawn rate and location has yet to be confidently confirmed. As of now, rumors stem that it can spawn in the same manner as Trailers; in vehicle accidents on highways.

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