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Bags are containers that can be equipped by the player and store items. Bags differ from furniture containers in that they do not have to be placed on the ground to store items, making them much more versatile and ideal for travel. Like furniture, bags have a weight limit, meaning that they cannot hold more than the indicated limit.

Weight reduction

Every bag has a weight reduction percentage, which will reduce the weight of its contents by this percentage. This will only take effect when the bag is equipped by the player, either in their primary, secondary or back, which only certain bags allow. This weight reduction does not allow more storage space within the bag, but simply reduces the weight of the bag's contents.

Example: A bag with a capacitiy of 5 and weight reduction of 50%, will allow only one plank with a weight of 3 to be placed inside the bag, since it will then contain 3/5 of its capacity. However, the bag's contents (when equipped) will only weigh 1.5 for the player.



Icon Name Weight Weight Reduction Capacity Base ID
Duffelbag.png Big Hiking Bag 0.5 80% 22 Base.BigHikingBag
Duffelbag.png Normal Hiking Bag 0.5 70% 20 Base.NormalHikingBag
Duffelbag.png Duffelbag 1.0 65% 18 Base.Duffelbag
Backpack.png Schoolbag 0.5 60% 15 Base.Schoolbag


Icon Name Weight Weight Reduction Capacity Base ID
FirstAid.png First Aid Kit 1.0 5% 6 Base.FirstAidKit
Garbagebag.png Garbage Bag 0.1 10% 20 Base.Garbagebag
Plasticbag.png Plastic Bag 0.1 30% 8 Base.Plasticbag
Purse.png Purse 0.5 55% 12 Base.Purse
SandbagEmpty.png Sack 0.1 10% 15 Base.EmptySandbag
Tote.png Tote Bag 0.1 50% 12 Base.Tote

Build 41


This article/section is about an item or mechanic that is currently in testing and not part of the stable version of the game.
This feature can be accessed via the testing branch for Build 41.
Icon Name Weight Weight Reduction Movement Speed Capacity Base ID
BigHiking Red.pngBigHiking Blue.pngBigHiking Green.png Big Hiking Bag 1.5 80% 95% 22 Base.Bag_BigHikingBag
Duffelbag.pngDuffelBagWhite.png Duffelbag 1.0 65% 95% 18 Base.Bag_DuffelBag
FannyPack.png Fanny Pack 1.0 7% 97% 3 Base.Bag_FannyPackFront
Hiking Blue.pngHiking Green.pngHiking Red.png Normal Hiking Bag 1.2 70% 96% 20 Base.Bag_NormalHikingBag
AliceBag.png Large Backpack 2.0 90% 94% 30 Base.Bag_ALICEpack
AliceBag Camo.png Military Backpack 2.0 90% 94% 30 Base.Bag_ALICEpack_Army
Satchel Leather.pngSatchel Green.pngSatchel Khaki.png Satchel 1.0 30% 99%% 15 Base.Bag_Satchel
Backpack Spiffo.pngBackpack Black.pngBackpack Blue.png Schoolbag 1.0 60% 97% 15 Base.Bag_Schoolbag


Icon Name Weight Weight Reduction Capacity Base ID
Briefcase.png Briefcase 1.5 5% 7 Base.Briefcase
Cooler.png Cooler 1.5 5% 8 Base.Cooler
GuitarCase02.png Flight Case 1.0 20% 5 Base.Flightcase
FirstAid.png First Aid Kit 1.0 5% 6 Base.FirstAidKit
Garbagebag.png Garbage Bag 0.1 10% 20 Base.Garbagebag
GuitarCase01.png Guitar Case 1.0 20% 5 Base.Guitarcase
PistolCase.png Gun Case 0.5 5% 7 Base.PistolCase1
Purseblack.png Handbag 1.0 40% 8 Base.Handbag
Lunchbox01.png Lunchbox02.png Lunchbox 1.0 5% 4 Base.Lunchbox
Plasticbag.png Plastic Bag 0.1 30% 8 Base.Plasticbag
Purse.png Purse 0.5 55% 12 Base.Purse
SandbagEmpty.png Sack 0.1 10% 15 Base.EmptySandbag
DrawstringBag.png Seed Bag 0.1 30% 8 Base.SeedBag
SewingBox.png Sewing Kit 0.1 30% 5 Base.SewingKit
Suitcase.png Suitcase 3.0 50% 16 Base.Suitcase
Toolbox.png Toolbox 2.0 15% 8 Base.Toolbox
Tote.png Tote Bag 0.1 50% 12 Base.Tote

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