Big Hiking Bag

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Big Hiking Bag
Big Hiking Bag
Category Container
Heavy Load
Equipped Back
Capacity 22
Weight reduction 80%
Technical details
Base ID Base.BigHikingBag

A big hiking bag is a container item.


A big hiking bag can be equipped on the back, allowing the player to equip other items in their hands at the same time. It has the best item weight reduction and capacity of all the bags.

Big hiking bags can spawn with:

VestAnim.gif Vest
ShirtAnim.gif Sweater
ShirtAnim.gif Blouse
TrousersAnim.gif Pants
SkirtAnim.gif Skirt
Shoes.png Shoes
SocksAnim.gif Socks
UnderwearAnim.gif Underwear
TZ TentKit.png Tent Kit


It can occasionally be found inside wardrobes, though wardrobes are more likely to contain a normal hiking bag, duffelbag or schoolbag.


Building/Room Container Rolls Chance
All Male Corpse 1 0.1
Female Corpse 1 0.1
Wardrobe 4 0.5
Bedroom Wardrobe 2 0.5
Changeroom Locker 2 0.5
Motel Room (occupied) Other 2 0.1
Sport Store Shelves 3 0.5
Clothing Rack 3 0.5
Sport Storage Metal Shelves 3 0.5


Profession Container Rolls Chance
Taxi Trunk 3 1.5


From newitems.txt (Project Zomboid directory/media/scripts/)

Version 40.6
	item BigHikingBag
		WeightReduction	= 80,
		Weight	        = 0.5,
		Type	        = Container,
		Capacity	= 22,
		DisplayName	= Big Hiking Bag,
		Icon	        = Duffelbag,
		CanBeEquipped	= Back,
		OpenSound	= PZ_OpenBag,
		CloseSound	= PZ_CloseBag,
		PutInSound	= PZ_PutInBag,

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