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This item or feature has been removed from the game or replaced by something else.
PlushSpiffo.pngThis article is about a clothing item prior to build 41. For clothing from build 41 and beyond, see Items/Clothing.
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Body Area: Torso
Weight: 1.0

The blouse is an article of clothing equipable on the torso. It is commonly found in bedroom wardrobes of many houses and on the corpses of dead NPCs and zombies. It is primarily used to protect the player from getting cold, typically during the winter months. The player may also find themselves getting too hot when wearing the blouse. However, the blouse has a lower player temperature effect than the sweater and higher than the vest, with a value of 6. Thus, making the blouse the best balance between getting too hot or cold. The blouse is currently equippable by both genders.
Like the sweater, there are currently 10 different variants of the blouse, with each variant looking identical to that of the sweater.

Over the course of the zombie apocalypse, clothing will become dirty and bloody, which is dependant on the player's activities. If the player is wearing dirty or bloody clothing over an open wound, the chance of infection will increase. However, using soap and water, the blouse can be cleaned. Each piece of clothing has durability, losing a little upon each hit. The blouse has a maximum condition of 7 and will lower one in 10 times the player gets hit.

A blouse can be torn into ripped sheets, yielding a total of 8. Due to the frequency in which they can be found, the blouse is an obvious source of bandages. In an emergency, a dirty or bloody blouse can be torn into bandages, which will always yield 1 clean ripped sheet and 7 dirty ripped sheets.

Item Description Weight Temperature Condition Classname
Provides some protection from the cold. Can be ripped into ripped sheets or tied into a sheet rope. 1 6 7


Clothing be torn into ripped sheets, which is a makeshift bandage, an essential first aid tool. Clothing also be turned into sheet ropes, which can be used to rappel down from (and also up, as long as the player doesn't have the weak trait) a window.

Product XP Gained Skill(s) Recipe Ingredient 1
Ripped Sheets
0 XP none
One of:
Sheet.png Sheet
Clothing Clothing

Sheet Rope
0 XP none
One of:
Sheet.png Sheet
Clothing Clothing



From items.txt (Project Zomboid directory/media/scripts/)

	item Blouse
		Palettes			= Blouse_White,
		BodyLocation			= Top,
		PalettesStart			= Blouse_,
		Type				= Clothing,
		Temperature			= 6,
		SpriteName			= Blouse,
		DisplayName			= Blouse,
		Icon				= Sweater,
        	ConditionLowerChanceOneIn 	= 10,
        	ConditionMax			= 7,

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