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This item or feature has been removed from the game or replaced by something else.
This section is likely to contain major spoilers pertaining to the story of Project Zomboid.
Bob "Baldspot" Smith

Concept art for Bob "Baldspot" Smith.
Nickname Baldspot
Personality Unknown
Start location Bob and Kate's house
Weapon Hammer
“Look, we're just camped out here. The threat's outside. Not in here.”
— Bob "Baldspot" Smith

In 2013, Bob and 'Til Death Us Do Part were removed from the game, along with NPC survivors, with the release of version RC 2.9, due to NPCs being far too buggy. The Indie Stone did not abandon the story and have stated they still have big plans for NPCs and the story of Bob and Kate.[1][2]


Bob "Baldspot" Smith is the protagonist of Project Zomboid's alpha tech demo main storyline " 'Til Death Us Do Part" (which was serving as the in-game tutorial). He is a middle-aged man who was unemployed in the past, he doesn't have any special skills, but he is fairly good at improvising, like everyone else in the zombie world. In the story, Bob is an optimistic man who does all he can to make sure that his wife is safe. Bob is initially seen with a blue sweater and black pants.


Bob Smith and his wife Kate Smith get stuck in a city placed under quarantine and have been on the run from the zombies ever since the quarantine was put up. It is learned that this quarantined "city" is Knox County. The tutorial storyline begins with Bob and Bob's wife Kate in the "tutorial house". Kate recently broke her leg while running from raiders or zombies, so the couple has to set up a safe house in a nearby house. In the house, Bob places the incapacitated Kate on a bed, and then the gameplay starts.

Immediately after putting Kate on the bed, Bob decides to treat Kate's wounds. After helping Kate, Bob goes to the shed, and he finds a hammer, 10 planks, and 60 nails. Then, Bob decides to board up the house with planks to protect him and his wife from zombies and other adversaries. After Bob boards up the house, he rests until 9:00 AM the next day. After waking up, he goes out to gather food and supplies. While gathering the food supplies, he successfully fights the kitchen zombie and finds some soup. When he returns home, he cooks the soup and eats it. After eating it, he hears a broadcast, and a raider invades his house after the broadcast. It is up to the player whether Bob defeats the raider or the raider defeats Bob. If Bob defeats the raider, he takes the raider's shotgun and a baseball bat and then survives in the zombie world.

Bob can also use a pillow found in one of the bedrooms wardrobes to smother Kate and put her out of her misery. This, in turn, ends the tutorial (the pillow is to be used as a tutorial skip function when activated on top of Kate). Bob has the capacity to carry weight up to 300 units, pounds is often assumed.

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