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Bobby Collins
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Bob and Kate's safehouse
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Howdy Neighbor
— Bobby Collins

In 2013, Bobby (known simply as Raider) and 'Til Death Us Do Part were removed from the game, along with NPC survivors, with the release of version RC 2.9, due to NPCs being far too buggy. The Indie Stone did not abandon the story and have stated they still have big plans for NPCs and the story of Bob and Kate.[1][2]


Bobby was a character met in 'Til Death Us Do Part. Toward the end of the tutorial, assuming it did not end prematurely, Bobby would break into the house. Upon encountering Bob or Kate Smith, he threatened to kill them so he could take over the house. Depending on which Smith he meets first, he may accuse the badly injured Kate of having been bitten by a zombie. Depending on what Bob did just prior to the invasion, he may be able to ambush Bobby and kill him. If not, Bobby will kill both Kate and Bob.

Bobby is a type of NPC, a legacy survivor, a name given to the original NPCs found in the early versions of the game from 2011-2013. Bobby is a Gun Nut a usually aggressive survivor that would warn the player about getting too close and attack if they got too close. Like other Gun Nuts, Bobby served as a main antagonist of the game.

His modern depiction can be found inside of an unused K&B story, which defines his outfit and hairstyle. Due to an oversight, his beard's color isn't set, so it will be randomized.


Before the events of 'Til Death Us Do Part, we can deduce that Bobby was part of a hostile group of survivors who were after Bob and Kate, which leads to Kate breaking her leg. After a couple of days of presumably searching, Bobby overhears Bob and Kate's radio, after which he breaks into their house. He’d meet Bob and greet him before forcing him upstairs and either killing Kate, or Kate and Bob.

Alternative plots

Since the story mode had many different possibilities of endings, there are other plots.

  • If Bob could hide from Bobby in another room and ambush him when he is threatening Kate after she claims no one else is there. The player would be able to kill Bobby and save Kate and be able to take his shotgun, and baseball bat.
  • If Bob ever gets too close to Bobby when they first meet, Bobby immediately shoots Bob and kills him.
  • When Bobby forces Bob upstairs and goes into the room with Kate, Bobby comments on how nice their safehouse is and says he’ll just take it. He counts down and shoots Kate and then shoots Bob. If Bob tries to intervene, Bobby would shoot Bob first.
  • If the player somehow manages to escape Bobby, he will immediately go after Bob, hunting him down until either he or Bob is dead.


  • In the original 'Til Death Us Do Part, Bobby didn’t have a constant fore and surname. With, Bobby Collins is one of the many names given to the raider. Other names he'd have, were anything from Peter Simpson, or James Burrows to something as simple as Dave.
  • The Steam card with Bobby's picture is what still holds the name.
  • There is an old YouTube Video by The Indie Stone where a developer plays as Bobby, sneaking into the NPC, Kate, and Bob's house. Instead of killing the couple with his gun like in the original tutorial, the developer instead grabs a pillow hinting to the fact Bobby suffocates both Bob and Kate to get a hammer as the video's title is, "One way to get a hammer". One thing that might go unnoticed is that this version of Bobby wields a pistol instead of a shotgun.
  • Bobby wore a vest (early version of a tank top), shoes, and trousers, and wielded a shotgun, shotgun shells, and a baseball bat.
  • Raider can be used as an outfit or spawned as a zombie in the debug mode and can presumably be found in the game. Outfit color is randomized and body/hair/beard are not set.


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