Bobby Collins

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This item or feature has been removed from the game or replaced by something else.
This section is likely to contain major spoilers pertaining to the story of Project Zomboid.
Bobby Collins

Raider concept art
Personality Aggressive
Start location Bob and Kate's house
Weapon Shotgun (disambiguation)

“Howdy Neighbor”
— Bobby Collins

Bobby Collins is a character met in 'Til Death Us Do Part.


Bobby is a character met in 'Til Death Us Do Part if Bob Smith allows the soup pot to cook, but not burn, or if he doesn't go upstairs until he has taken it out of the oven. Either of these events would result in the house burning down, an alarm sounding, and a horde of zombies attacking.

When Bobby approaches the house, he proceeds to break down the barricades and enter the house, confronting either Kate Smith or Bob, threatening to kill either of them stating that he wants to occupy the house. Upon meeting, he notices she is badly injured, suspecting the cause to be from a zombie bite (despite Bob's claim that it's only a broken leg).


Bobby wears a vest, shoes, and trousers, and wields a shotgun.

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