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Category Literature
Heavy Load
Consumed True
Technical details
Base ID Base.Book
PlushSpiffo.pngThis article is about the consumable item affecting the player's mood. For books that increase experience gain, see Skill Books.

A book is an item designed to relieve unhappiness, stress and boredom when the player character is seriously struggling with the Knox Event. Unlike skill books, these books are 'consumed' once they're read, and therefore are removed from the player's inventory. A book can also be used as a fuel for particular heat sources, and lasts for 15 minutes if done so.



Building/Room Container Rolls Chance
All Locker 2 7
Desk 1 2
Filing Cabinet 1 4
Small Table 1 4
Office Drawers 1 3 (+2)
Shelves 3 20
Other 1 1
School Bag 2 3
Kitchen Shelves 2 10
Plaza Store Counter 1 2
Motel Room Wardrobe 1 3
Lobby Counter 1 3
Book Store All 1 3
5 100 (x9)
Library Counter 4 2
Clothes Store Counter 3 5
Restaurant Counter 2 4 (x2)
Post Office Counter 2 4 (x2)
Plaza Storage All 3 10
Furniture Store Counter 3 5
Corner Store Magazine Shelf 2 3
Houseware Store Shelves 3 7
Shoe Store Counter 3 5
Sports Store Counter 3 5
Gift Storage Crate 3 7
Gift Store Shelves 3 7
Display Case 3 7
Counter 3 5


Profession Container Rolls Chance
Post Van Trunk 4 10


From items_literature.txt (Project Zomboid directory/media/scripts/)

Version 41.50
	item Book
		Weight		= 0.5,
		Type		= Literature,
		UnhappyChange	= -40,
		DisplayName	= Book,
		StressChange	= -40,
		Icon		= Book,
		BoredomChange	= -50,
		StaticModel 	= Book,

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