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Category Item
Heavy Load
Function Stop vehicle
Required tool Jack and Wrench
Type Standard
Brake force 17 Old
20 Regular
25 Performance
Type Heavy-Duty
Brake force 20 Old
23 Regular
28 Performance
Type Sport
Brake force 20 Old
23 Regular
27 Performance
Technical details
Base ID Item IDs

“Low condition brakes reduce a vehicle's stopping power.”
— In-game description
A brake is an item forming an integral part of a vehicle, and can be found in three different variants, old, regular and performance.



A brake is fitted onto the vehicle, under the tire and with the suspension, therefore the tire must first be removed to access the brake.


The condition of the brakes is responsible for a vehicle's ability to stop quickly with reduced skid/slide.

Brake condition will gradually decrease as the brakes are continually used.

Item IDs

Class name Vehicle type
Old Brake Base.OldBrake1 Standard
Base.OldBrake2 Heavy-Duty
Base.OldBrake3 Sport
Regular Brake Base.NormalBrake1 Standard
Base.NormalBrake2 Heavy-Duty
Base.NormalBrake3 Sport
Base.ModernBrake1 Standard
Base.ModernBrake2 Heavy-Duty
Base.ModernBrake3 Sport

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