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Empty bucket.png

Primary use: Making plaster
Other uses: Carrying water
Weight: 1

A bucket is very useful for carrying water and that water can be used to create plaster, which could be applied onto a wall so that it can be painted. It can hold the equivalent of 32 mugs of water.


Name Recipe Description
Bucket with water.png
Bucket x1
Empty bucket.png + Water drop.png
Bucket x1 Water
A bucket full of water. Level 0

Bucket with plaster.png
Bucket of Plaster x1
Empty bucket.png + Water drop.png + Bag of plaster powder.png
Bucket x1 Water (5 units) Bag of Plaster Powder x1
(consumed) (consumed)
Plaster for walls. Carpentry Level 0


item BucketEmpty
		Weight				=	1,
		CanStoreWater			=	TRUE,
		Type				=	Normal,
		DisplayName			=	Bucket,
		Icon				=	Bucket_Empty,
        	ReplaceOnUseOn 			= 	WaterSource-BucketWaterFull,

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